Artist Statement for Michael Spicer

Environmental Fine Art Photographer

Michael Spicer

I have been interested in photography for most of my life. The interplay of light and shadows has always attracted my attention and I enjoy using the tools of photography to help me create interpretations of the mood I feel as I visit places or interact with people around the world.

As an environmental fine art photographer, my passion is to capture the light that shines and reflects on the beauty of the world around us. Rather than attempting to make any political statement about the environment through my work, I am called to define where we live by the beauty that surrounds us, not always seen by the casual observer, but there no less.

Being a lifetime student of the arts, a degreed geologist and anthropologist, a musician and songwriter, a world traveler, and perhaps just a slightly less casual observer of my surroundings, I am drawn to shapes, colors, patterns, and individuals that I encounter as subjects for my work. The images you see are usually just the same as I encountered them with only minimal adjustments for sharpness, contrast, or color.

For me to consider my photographs as works of art rather than snapshots, I search for and compose elements within the frame that either attempt to elevate the miniscule to the observable, or reduce the overwhelming to the familiar. That is to say, I try to create a space for a knowing or a feeling to occur in this meeting between me and the subject, and ultimately with you. More than merely the observer, you have now joined with me as a participant in exploration of time and space. I invite you to enter each work as I have, simply as an observer and participant of nature and the beauty that surrounds us.